Business Consulting uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.

  • On-site audits
  • Service benchmarking
  • Fresh Start training
  • Call center outsourcing
  • KPI measurement
  • Legal compliance

SEASONED PROS monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. 




Our professional staff includes four MBAs, a certified sales process engineer, and a customer retention expert. We have special expertise in Web sales, insurance, and healthcare.



It is rare to find a customer service software solution that is designed for looking after the small and medium sized internet business. Many internet marketers would like to provide better customer support, but they find it very time consuming.

Often the task gets handed over to the assistant to look after. Needless to say, sometimes emails get lost or are neglected. This usually happens when the a new product is being worked on and all the focus is on getting it ready for launch.

This is all understandable but for a disgruntled customer it is not a good experience and the vendor will probably lose the customer for good. Worse still if the customer complains to his credit card company or PayPal, well, the vendor could get into some nasty problems. Operating a good customer care program is a win-win solution for everyone. Take for example 2 different companies that run outstanding customer care programs. There's orange county vacation rentals company Abode and there is trade show displays, trade show booths and banner stands company NYPD. Great customer care models. 

One very effective and value for money method of providing the customer service solution is to utilize the services of a company that offers services on a monthly subscription basis with an entry level of an affordable amount – something under fifty dollars.

With this kind of solution, the vendor does not only get customer support solution but also gets issued with a company Trust Seal that demonstrates that the vendor is a “Trusted Member” of the system.


Recent Clients that have experienced our customer service software solutions are the 

Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles | Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles Law Firm (Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation and Gold Ira | Gold Ira Rollover | Silver Investments Metal Company United Rare Coins. 

Trust seal and customer support.
This customer service software solution compares very favorably to the many ticket-based help desk solutions that can work out to be very expensive. For the smaller online business, combining the two functions of a trust seal and customer support makes perfect sense.

Trust seals virtually always increase the sales conversion rate and therefore usually more than pay for themselves. In this case, the vendor gets a high quality support system, plus a method of increasing sales for a very low monthly fee.

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.





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